About Us

Thomas Voytilla has been raising orchids since 1998.  Soon after he discovered his passion for them, he learned of the semi-hydroponic growing method.  He has now refined this growing technique with experience to bring its advantages and ease to all orchid lovers, both novice and experienced.

He and his wife live in rural southern Virginia and have spent the last several years bringing their business to the public.  They raise their orchids from flask/plugs and now have a large variety of mature plants well-established in the semi-hydroponic system.

Speaking engagements are available for a nominal fee or reasonable traveling expenses.  He has spoken to many orchid societies and garden clubs in Virginia and surrounding areas and truly enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and passion.  His presentation details his experience with the semi-hydroponic growing method, with supporting pictures of root growth across the different genre and specimen size plants.  He has plants and supplies available for sale as well.

For more information, please contact Thomas or Robyn Voytilla at 434-315-4115 or tvoytilla@gmail.com.