Orchids grown in Semi-Hydroponics

When I became interested in orchids many years ago, my excitement quickly turned into an ‘addiction’.  With endless shapes, colors and fragrances, the vastness of the orchid world is second to none. I soon found myself with a sunroom filled with over 400 orchid plants across many genre.

Pot-Hwa-Yuan-Gold-'YK#2'I had all the questions of many beginning orchid enthusiasts. Because many orchids are epiphytes or lithophytes (growing in trees or on rocks), caring for them poses special hurdles, and there seemed to be just as many different methods for growing as there were varieties of orchids themselves. The most common involve growing in a medium made of coarse bark mix or sphagnum moss, each of which have their own hurdles.

Den-Pixie-CharmFortunately, I soon learned of growing orchids using a semi-hydroponic system.  And – I can promise you – today I care for over 18,000 orchids using less time and energy than my original 400 traditionally-grown plants.    Whether a seedling or a specimen beauty, watering takes only seconds once a week.  The mix never needs replaced, and my plants never have to go through the shock of repotting. Care is fairly consistent even across the many genre, which makes it ideal for any size grower.

I’ve found that many people have a pre-conceived notion that orchids are difficult to grow, and it’s my mission to spread the word that they don’t have to be! With the simplicity of growing in semi-hydroponics, I hope that many more people can discover the joys of these majestic plants.