Increasing Pot Size

increase 1There will come a time when your orchid starts to outgrow its container. When your newest growth is nearing the edge of the pot with no room for the next growth, it’s time to give your plant some more room to grow. Orchids love to be root-bound, so don’t distress when you see plump roots filling the pot or even trying to escape. Increasing pot size is only dictated by the plant itself.

Try increasing the container size enough for one to two years of growth for your plant. Many orchids like to be tightly grown and will often bloom best that way.

It’s always a good idea to soak your plant for a few minutes before potting it. That makes it easier to pop out of its container, and the roots will become less brittle and more pliable which avoids damage.

increase 2Usually the plant will come out of the pot easily. In our standard growing containers, we push from the bottom of the pot, and often it pops up and loosens from the edge and the plant can be pulled out. Take care with new growths or inflorescences as they can be more fragile.

If the plant is well established in the semi-hydroponic system, many times not a pebble moves when you remove it from the pot. The roots will hold onto most of the media. Place it in a larger container, giving room for the direction of the plant’s growth. If there are any stray wandering roots, now is the time to get them back down into your media. Then add more pebbles around the edge and on the top if needed.

Your plant is ready for another year or two of growing!
increase 3

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