Cattleya Alliance

C.-Easter-Halo-'Wright'-x-Lc.-Mildred-Rives-'Orchidglade'-websiteCattleyas are long known for their large showy blooms and generous fragrances. With nature being fair though, the flower duration is considerably shorter than some of the other orchid groups, typically two to four weeks. But they are well worth it!

Cattleyas are very temperature tolerant, and enjoy bright light without direct sun.  We have found throughout the years that they do extremely well in the semi-hydroponic system, and have converted them from other media any time of year with excellent results.  Although they seem to have a reputation of being difficult to grow, we find them to be extremely hardy and vigorous growers.

Over half of our greenhouse is filled with orchids in the Cattleya Alliance.  We have many varieties in varying stages of growth, with new ones maturing all the time.

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