Ordering Information

Shipping Information

We are proud of our reputation for delivering healthy, well-packaged plants and supplies.  Every care is taken to ensure your order arrives quickly and safely.

4-inch-potted-cattleyaPlant orders are shipped on Monday through Wednesday to avoid additional delays over the weekend.  Standard shipment is through USPS Priority Mail.  We have received numerous requests to add standard parcel postage to our shipping options.  However, over time our experience is that the cost is generally comparable.

**COLD TEMPERATURE ADVISORY**  If you are ordering plants and feel the temperatures in your area would be unsafe for shipping, please consider adding a 72-hour shipping heat pack to your order.

If you have any questions regarding your order or before placing one, please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss.  We are always available to answer any and all orchid questions.

Orchid care:  Thomas Voytilla – (434) 315-4115
Shipping and ordering:  Thomas Voytilla – (434) 315-4115
Email:  tvoytilla@gmail.com

Plant sizes

Plant size can vary greatly between genre and specific species or crosses.  We have mature plants on their 3rd bloom cycle that may be smaller than another which is still a seedling.  The majority of our plants have been grown from plugs and all are well adapted in the semi-hydroponic system.  The following explains our guidelines:

Established Seedling:  Plants that have been grown in our greenhouse for more than a year and with well-established growths.  Most will be in a 3.5″ container and will generally be 1-3 years from bloom size.

Near Bloom Size:  Any plant we estimate will bloom on its current or next growth cycle based on our growing experience.  These are in containers ranging from 3.5″ to 6″ depending on plant size.

Bloom Size:  Plants that are mature enough to bloom on its current growth or have previously flowered.  Container size ranges from 3.5″ to 6″ depending on plant size.

Mature Bloom Size:  Well-established plants that have bloomed multiple times.  Container ranges from 3.5″ to 8″ depending on plant size.

In Bud/Spike:  Plants in this category have a minimum of visual confirmation of formed spikes or buds.  Time required before blooming may range from days to weeks again depending on the specific orchid.  Rarely, an orchid may abort their bud/spike (commonly known as “bud blast”) and we cannot 100% guarantee their success.  If there are any issues with aborted blooms, we offer a refund of the $5 difference in cost between an in-bud plant vs. bloom sized.